April 4, 2007
The TwangTrust: the only show that brings you both kinds of hosts -
and Stirred
Jeffrey Hatcher & the Big Beat – The Last Ones (TwangTrust theme)
Jeffrey Hatcher and the Big Beat – Midnight Trains

Live Tonight
Brock Zeman & Dan Walsh – The Train In Me
The Skydiggers – Radio Waves
Cash Brothers – Nebraska

New Aquisitions
Tommy Womack – A Cockroach After The Bomb
Todd Snider – They Ain’t Makin’ Jews Like Jesus Anymore
Willie Nile – Police On My Back
Son Volt – Armagideon Time

Happy 50th Birthday Jeffrey Hatcher
The Fuse – Writing On The Wall
The Six – World Radio
The Big Beat – Eye Of The Needle

The Fuse live 1982
Jeffrey Hatcher “New Wave” interview
The Fuse – Brown Eyed Handsome Man
The Fuse – When You’re Mine
The Fuse – Route 66
The Fuse – We’re Goin’ Down
The Fuse – Coming To Collect

JH Influences
Nick Lowe – Without Love (live)
Elvis Costello – I’m Not Angry
Graham Parker – England’s Latest Clown

Happy 50th Birthday Jeffrey Hatcher Part Two
Jeffrey Hatcher – Dream Girl
The Blue Shadows – Maybe In Time

Latter Day JH
Girls Say Yes – Love Is Not Linear
The Blue Shadows – Someday You’re Gonna Love Me