2008 Winnipeg Folk Festival Photo Gallery

Kathleen Edwards
Miss Kitty put on the highlight of Sunday night with an electric set on the mainstage, as well as a great workshop earlier in the day where she "fiddled around" with Charlie Louvin.

L'il Miss Britt
One of the hosts of Mud Puddle Radio was right at home Saturday night.
Justin Townes Earle
Our namesake's offspring did his papa proud with his timeless take on Western Swing.
The Dynamites
Charles Walker and co-horts were the real Soul deal on Friday night. More of this, please!
Charlie Louvin
A true legend of country music was on hand this year. The only surviving Louvin Brother, Charlie charmed everyone on site (particularly Kathleen Edwards). Let's hope we're all this cantankerous when we're 81.
Ray Davies
A great setlist was spoiled by a bit too much whining at the start of Sunday's final mainstage act. Yes, you should expect it would be pretty easy to mic two guys and their guitars without much trouble, but there are times when you gotta suck it up, Ray. After leaving the stage 1 and a half songs into the set due to sound trouble, any peace and love vibe was shot to hell and the set that eventually followed seemed forced. Oh well.
Jim White
It's nice to think we might see Jim White back this way someday, but the smart money is on the fact that we had a once-in-a-lifetime experience seeing this once-haunted, southern gothic myth maker. Backed by three members of Ollabelle (including Winnipegger Glen Patscha, who all flew in especially for Jim's solo concert on Sunday) as well as his regular guitarist, Jim remarked this particular configuration was the best band he had ever played with live. A gentleman and a huge talent.
The Weakerthans
and Calexico
Our hometown heroes took to the Folk Fest mainstage for the first time this year. Hopefully anyone taken aback by the volume appreciatted the best lyrical content of the entire weekend.

Calexico was predictably brilliant whenever they played. Two workshops and a "main stage" set on Saturday were all highlights of the festival.

The two powerhouse acts were particulary amazing playing off each other on Friday afternoon, along with Hayden.

Danny Michel
The star of any workshop stage he's on, plenty of new folks fell in love with Dan this year.
Carrie Rodriguez
Mmm, Carrie Rodriguez...
Tres Chicas
The sweetest harmonies of the weekend were supplied by North Carolina's finest. Tonya Lamm (Hazeldine), Caitlin Cary (Whiskeytown) and Lynne Blakey (Glory Fountain).