February 29, 2012
The TwangTrust: the only show that brings you both kinds of music:
Bruno Gerussi's Medallion and Hawaii Fried Dough

Paul Westerberg, Laurie Lindeen and Friends - Daydream Believer
Hatcher-Briggs - The Last Ones (TwangTrust theme)
Ryan Adams - Note to Self: Don't Die

Slim Dunlap - Rockin' Here Tonight
Slim Dunlap - Partners In Crime
Slim Dunlap - Hate This Town

Dan Israel - Mile After Mile (For Slim Dunlap)
Slim Dunlap - The Ballad of the Opening Band
Slim Dunlap - Cozy
Slim Dunlap - Ain't Exactly Good
High on Stress - Eyeliner Blues

Tommy Womack - The Replacements
The Replacements - Talent Show
The Replacements - Achin' To Be
Slobberbone - Placemat Blues

Brent Best and Co.
Slobberbone - Engine Joe
Slobberbone - Gimme Back My Dog
The Drams - Unhinged

Chorus vs. Solos: A Tribute to Charlie Chesterman
Occassional Milkshake - My Baby She's Alright
Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents - Bucknaked
The Vivs - Tiger Tiger
Classic Ruins - Theo's El Camino
Young Fresh Fellows - I Hate Everything
Hawaii Fried Dough - Jaguar Tan
Scruffy the Cat - Big Fat Monkey's Hat

My New Wife
Lindi Ortega - Blue Bird
Lindi Ortega - I Ain't No Elvis
Lindi Ortega - Jimmy Dean