January 24, 2007
The TwangTrust: the only show that brings you both kinds of music - Arby and Dar
The Blue Shadows – The Last Canadian
(Twang Trust theme)
Matt Mays – The Past

The Western States: Live on the TwangTrust
The Western States – Rosalita
The Western States – Diane
The Western States – Saddle Up The Palomino
The Western States – Old Friend

Adrien Sala – Trouble Is Mine
The Western States – Don’t Remind Me
Paul Kelly – Give In To My Love

Tommy Womack – The Replacements
The Replacements – If Only You Were Lonely
Paul Westerberg – Love You In The Fall

Last Year’s Best Album
Bob Delevante – Circles Around Me
Bob Delevante – An Old Picture of You
Bob Delevante – Close My Eyes

With Brother Mike
The Delevantes – Hi-Lo
The Delevantes – Pocketfull of Diamonds
The Delevantes – This Engine Runs On Faith

This Year’s Best Album
Patty Griffin – You’ll Remember
Patty Griffin – Stay On The Ride
Patty Griffin – Trapeze
Patty Griffin – Getting Ready

Buddy Miller – All My Tears