May 16, 2007
The TwangTrust: the only show that brings you both kinds of music:
Street Walkin’ Cheetahs with A Heart Full of Napalm and
Feet Draggin’ Geezers with a Heart Full of Stents-ah…
The Blue Shadows – The Last Canadian (TwangTrust theme)
Los Lobos – Life Is Good

Random Rockin’
Leeroy Stagger – Lay Down Your Guns
NQ Arbuckle – Cheap Town
Danny & Dusty – Cast Iron Soul

Foot Stompin’ Blues
Wil – Honey Pie
Jawbone – Get Rhythm
Blackie and the Rodeo Kings – John Henry

Dust Bowl Twang
The Kent Boys – Sound of Home
Elliott BROOD – Twill
Bruce Springsteen – Johnny 99

Mudd Puddle RadioPreview: this Saturday
Nick Lowe – Shting Shtang
Paul Westerberg – Mr. Rabbit
Roger Miller – Boeing Boeing 707
The Replacements – Cruella DeVille

Special Exclusive Acoustic B-Side Version
Danny Michel – I Will Love You For Miles
Lucinda Willianms – Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis – Angry All The Time
Ryan Adams – To Be Young…
Nick Lowe – Peace, Love & Understanding

Fountains of Robbie
Robbie Fulks – Believe
Robbie Fulks – Fountains of Wayne Hotline
Fountains of Wayne – Hung Up On You

Doo Woppin’
Van Morrison – Stranded
Big Daddy – Welcome To The Jungle
Dion & the Belmonts – Lovers Who Wander
Jonathan Richman - Lydia