May 28, 2014
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The TwangTrust: the only show that brings you both kinds of music:
Rockabilly & Rockabetty

Hatcher-Briggs - The Last Ones (TwangTrust theme)

John Hiatt - Terms of My Surrender

All Men Joy
John Hiatt - One Way Out
Allman Brothers - Melissa
Jon Dee Graham - Black Box

Jon Dee Graham & James McMurtry - Laredo (Small Dark Something)
Jon Dee Graham - Volver
James McMurtry - Fraulein O.

So Long Daddy-O:
Gene Pyrz - The Fuse Years
The Fuse - Everything's Alright
The Fuse - Take Me To The River
The Fuse - Elevator

New From the Vaults!
Combo Combo - Anything Like You
Combo Combo - Swing Easy
Gene Pyrz - Hurtin' Time (John McKinnon, from a CBC radio drama)

The So Long Daddy-O Players
Hatcher-Briggs - Getting Quiet Now
Combo Combo - I'm Ready
Combo Combo - Black List
The Throbtones - Hard Way To Get

River City Rumble
Greg Arcade - Animal Party
Alistair Christl - Little Jane May
Bloodshot Bill - Shick Shack
Cousin Harley - Spaghetti No Sauce
Hellbound Hepcats - Underpants Dance
Eve Hell & the Razors - Big River
Reverend Rambler - Red River Blues

The Hobart Brothers & Li'l Sis Hobart - First Day on the Job