November 19, 2008
The TwangTrust: the only show that brings you both kinds of music -
Black & White and Sepiatone
The Blue Shadows – The Last Canadian (TwangTrust theme)
Bob Dylan – Ring of Fire

Praise ‘im! Fuck ‘im!
Johnny Cash – Unclouded Day
Mavis Staples – Twelve Gates of the City
Rodney Crowell – Denomination Blues
Romi Mayes – Bible

Romi & Gurf
Gurf Morlix – Madeline’s Bones
Gurf Morlix – Dan Blocker
Romi Mayes – The Other Dame

Wilco – Shot In The Arm
Wilco – Comment
C.R. Avery – Photograph Album in the Attic of the Obituary
C.R. Avery – New Chapter in the Book of Hobo

The StuDome Presents…
Pat DiNizio & Shawn Colvin – Daydream Believer
The Smithereens – Only A Memory
The Smithereens – Miles From Nowhere

Slim Dunlap – The Ballad of the Opening Band
The Replacements – Can’t Hardly Wait (acoustic version)
The Replacements – Skyway
The Replacements – Can’t Hardly Wait

Tres Chicas – Lloyd’s Mom
Bob Dylan – Huck’s Tune

Did We Mention The StuDome Presents?
The Smithereens – I Don’t Want To Lose You (acoustic live)
The Smithereens – House We Used To Live In

Sarah Borges – Stop And Think It Over
The Smithereens - Batman