September 26, 2012
The TwangTrust: the only show that brings you both kinds of music:
Good Vibrations and Disconcerting Tremors
Hatcher-Briggs - The Last Ones (TwangTrust Theme)
Lindi Ortega - Don't Wanna Hear It

Leeroy Stagger - City's On Fire
Drivin' & Cryin' - Hot Wheels
Andy Shernoff - Let's Get The Band Back Together

Paul Says "Hi"
Bright Little Field - Can't Hardly Wait
Mr. F - Grandpaboy's Last Stand Pt. 2
Paul Westerberg - My Road Now
Glen Campbell - Ghost On The Canvas
Bright Little Field - Achin' To Be

Bad Vibrations
Ben Vaughn - The Prayer (Kill Mike Love)
The Gourds - Good Vibrations (Jimmy)
The Beach Boys - Disney Girls (1957)

Kathleen Edwards - Saturday!
Kathleen Edwards - Change The Sheets
Kathleen Edwards - Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Kathleen Edwards - Unknown Legend
Kathleen Edwards - Houses On The Hill
Kathleen Edwards - Money Talks

Iris Dement - Go On Ahead & Go Home
Merle Haggard - No Time To Cry
Iris Dement, John Hiatt & Hank Ketchum - Wings of a Dove

Sunday at the Rose 'n' Bee
The Sumner Brothers - You Will Find Me
Grant Davidson - Black Lane Serenade
Keri Latimer - So Long

Lowe Country
Chatham County Line - Heart of the City
Amanda Shires - I Love The Sound of Breaking Glass
Hayes Carll - I'm Gonna Start) Living Again If It Kills Me
Nick Lowe - There Will Never Be Any Peace